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George Himes Diary PageGeorge Himes Diary 1868



I copy rare documents, images and fragile objects with care and respect. 


The first year of the George Himes Diary project has just been completed with the Lacey Museum in Washington photographing hundreds of pages from diaries which were too fragile to scan or move from their secure location at the Oregon Historical Society vault. These digital images were then transcribed by volunteers and will be used  to create an online resource as well as an exhibit of these original source materials. Building on the success and community excitement, this project is entering it's second year and is expected to continue until all of the Himes diaries have been photographed.


Previous archival experience includes photographing the ten thousand year old Fort Rock Sandals, creating prints from glass plate negatives, and documenting folk artists from Cambodia, Viet Nam, and Native American Tribes.


Evan Schneider has a Masters in visual anthropology and 17 years experience as Chief Photographer at the Oregon Historical Society.