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SA-1991 Compound and farmsKom, Cameroon traditional architectureWall construction traditiional Kom house.SA-2021 House constructionSA-2024 House constructionSA-2026 Ceiling construction Kom houseSA-2021 Roof panelsSA-2019 Roof panels adjustmentSA-2020 Roof panel fabricationSA2040 Roof panel detailSA-2031 Roof panels ready to mountSA-2018 Roof architectureSA2044Traditional Kom architecture with central shrine area.SA2045 Thatching bundlesSA-2029 Elephant grass for atticThatching a traditioinal house in Kom.SA-2034 Kom house frontDoor side of Kom houseKom doorway with carved posts and bamboo door.

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