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Images of Cameroon, West Africa detailing the beauty of the landscape. From desert environs in the north to rain forests in the south.
Hausa horsemen, Northern Nigeria.Lake Oku looking over Kom, Cameroon.Removing a thorn on the way to harvest guinea corn, Mandara MountainsEscarpment near MbingoSalesmen Northern Nigeria.Oku farm, Mt. Oku in the distance, Cameroon.Sorghum harvest Northern Cameroon.Laiana vine suspension bridge, Cameroon.Taxi broken downMoving cattle to market.Rumsiki, northren CameroonFarming in Northwestern Cameroon.Farm fields in Kom Cameroon.Farm in Kom, Cameroon.Fulani celebration near Fundong, Kom, Cameroon.Going to market, Northern Nigeria.Peanut pyramids, Kano, Nigeria, 1966.Xylophone in Cameroon.Harvesting a fish pondHarvesting a fish pond at Bambui